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The Real Thing
Le Mans 1970, June 13-14
February the 9th 2003 I bought the Gulf Porsche 917K
set including no. 20, 21 and 22 which played a big
part in the "Le Mans" movie from 1971 with Steve
McQueen in the leadrole and this was the start for my
Le Mans 1970 collection.
I saw the movie as a young man back in 1972 and when I
realised that FLY did these cars, I just had to collect
these beautiful cars, when I got realised that these cars
were made by FLY.
I can strongly recommend the movie - it has a lot of great
racing scenes, some from the race in 1970 and some made
for the movie in real race speed by a lot of real race
The real Le Mans race in 1970 turned out very chaotic,
due to the rain in almost all 24 hours of the race. The
extreme conditions resulted in that only seven cars were
classified in the race - which is the lowest number ever in
Le Mans.