1:1 Racing

This is the section where you can read about the races I’ve been to and see the photos I’ve taken.As a kid I used to go to Amager and watch stockcar racing, because my neighbour used to drive one of these cars. Sadly I have no pictures from that but in the early 70’s I saw a movie called Le mans with Steve McQueen and I was fascinated by the cars and the speed. Formula One with Jackie Stewart came into my world through TV.

It should take me nearly 30 years before I went to race - but then I choused the biggest of them all - Le Mans!



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One of the famous races in the Le Mans history most be Le Mans 1970.

Some say it’s only famous because of Steve McQueen’s movie, but I also think this particular race is famous, because of the first overall win to Porsche!

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Le Mans 2004


Le Mans 2006


Le Mans 2010